Top Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is indeed a significant step and quite costly as well. So, there’s a lot of thought that goes into it, especially if it’s the first time. The most important step is to settle on the divorce attorney. However, given so many options, hiring a divorce attorney can be confusing. There are some questions one needs to ask their attorney before hiring.

Seven Questions to Ask While Hiring a Divorce Attorney

These are the questions to ask an attorney before hiring.

  • Where are they practicing from?

It is a great question, to begin with. Once the client knows their practice experience, they will have a better idea about their expertise and knowledge. One wouldn’t certainly hire someone who’s just a fresher; divorce cases are generally tricky, and only an experienced attorney is capable of taking care of it.

  • Do they know the spouse?

It is one of the most important questions one needs to ask their attorney before hiring them. If the attorney knows their spouse anyway, it can pose a major problem in the future of the case. The attorney’s personal feelings or emotions might get in the way of the performance and instead end up affecting the divorce.

  • How many of those cases were they able to settle out of court?

One may not want to attend the court hearings day after day and month after month, especially if it is a mutual divorce. In this case, the individual will need a divorce attorney who can help settle the case outside court. Thus, knowing how many cases they have solved previously would help the client decide.

  • Can they negotiate financial settlements?

Financial settlements are often hard to come through and extremely tricky. One certainly cannot leave it up to someone who hardly has any experience. So, ask them and, if possible, also look into some of their similar case studies to be sure.

  • Will the client be kept informed of all developments in the case?

It is completely the client’s decision whether they want to be involved in the case or not. But if they want, it is their attorney’s responsibility to take care of it. So, before hiring an attorney, ensure clarifying the requirements.

  • Do they know the spouse’s attorney?

With a divorce, one can’t take a chance. Knowing whether their attorney is related to their spouse’s attorney is important. If by any chance, any attorney ends up spilling the strategies, the individual’s divorce might be in danger.

  • Will they ask the client’s opinion before planning a strategy?

Attorneys often do not bother to involve their clients in strategies and rather prefer to show results. But if the individual wants to impart their suggestions while planning a strategy, it is suggested to ask before hiring. It will be even better to include it in the contract and get it signed.

That almost sums up what one needs to ask their divorce attorney before hiring them. Finding the right attorney will be helpful after reading this article.

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