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Are you a construction site worker? If answered yes, you might be facing the maximum risk of being exposed to crucial injuries during your working hours, as compared to any other occupation. In the majority of legal cases, an injury claim that rises from work-related injuries is constrained by the laws of worker’s compensation. 

However, there are a few cases where you might be able to obtain compensation from an opposition party, like getting a compensation amount when you’re being hurt by a defective tool of the manufacturer. Are you wondering when you should seek the help of an Atlanta construction accident attorney? Keep reading to know more. 

A construction accident attorney – How might he help you?

When you’ve been injured at your construction work and you need to file a civil lawsuit, you might already be confused about the steps to take. During such a time, having a knowledgeable and skilled construction accident attorney by your side will help you gain a better understanding of the legal theories. 

If you work with a reputable and expert construction accident attorney, he will assist you in recouping losses that resulted from the accident and also tackle all the hassles and paperwork linked with possible insurance. An attorney can spell the difference between an aptly resolved case and losing your dollars in treating your injuries. 

A construction accident attorney will also let you get enough compensation to cover the losses that you incurred due to injury or medical costs or lost wages during the accident. An attorney can help your family recover from the loss of having lost a loved one in a wrongful construction project. 

When is the right time to hire a construction accident lawyer?

If you wish to stay away from costly blunders, it is better to hire a construction accident lawyer from the very beginning. However, there is a deadline to file your claims, which vary from one state to another. Since you’ll have to pay for your lost wages and also your medical bills, the sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the better for you. 

In case there is an insurance agent visiting you for a settlement offer, never make the mistake of signing on the papers without consulting your lawyer. The settlement deal might not be in your best interests, particularly when you have more financial losses and injuries than what is accounted for in the offer. 

Questions to ask a construction accident attorney

Before consulting with an attorney, here are a few preliminary questions you should ask the attorney. 

  • How long have you been in this business of dealing with construction accident cases?
  • What is your usual settlement charge for cases like mine?
  • How many construction accident cases did you handle?
  • What is your exact fee structure? What are my out-of-pocket expenses going to be like?
  • Do you have any possible references?

Once you get the proper answers to the above-mentioned questions, you should take further steps to hire an attorney and work your case with him. 

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