5 Reasons Seniors Should Have An Elder Law Attorney

As you grow older, you will find yourself facing issues that are new and different from when you were younger.  Planning for retirement, your health care, navigating the legalities of disability, and other complex issues can become overwhelming without the proper legal guidance.  

It’s best that you have a full understanding of your legal rights, and a lawyer who specializes in elder law will know just how to help.  Take a few moments now to read through some of the most important reasons to have an elder law attorney on your side.  

Developing a long-term care plan 

Aging often means that you lose the ability to properly care for all of your needs on your own.  The help provided by an assisted living facility can make all the difference in your quality of life, but you want to have as much control over the situation as possible.  

This is where an elder law attorney can really be of service.  A knowledgeable attorney can help set legal bounds in place by listening to your wishes while you still have all your faculties about you, so you know that your care path will mirror your personal concerns. 

Help with power of attorney

When you are no longer able to make important decisions for yourself, you want to have a solid power of attorney in place to protect your personal interests.  Your elder law attorney can provide the guidance and protection you need to rest assured your needs are covered.  

Granting the legal right to power of attorney over someone’s life is a big deal.  Make sure you make the arrangements before you lose the ability to think clearly.  You need to have someone who is trustworthy in the position to avoid being placed in a tough situation.  

Protecting your financial assets

Your elder law attorney is there to help protect your financial assets as well.  He/she can notify you if they believe someone is mucking with your money.  

Your attorney can also report potential criminal activity or fraud to the local authorities before the thieves are able to wreck your financials.  

Help accessing your benefits

When you hire the right attorney who really knows about the challenges faced by seniors, your attorney will be able to help you access the benefits you are due.  

They know the right roads to travel when you’re working to gain the assistance of Medicaid and other government-funded programs.  Let your attorney find all the funds you need to support your growing financial need as you age.  

Offer educated insight and guidance

There are far too many legal pitfalls to not have a lawyer by your side as you get older.  A good elder law professional will know how to guide you through administration and management of estates and trusts, wills, social security appeals, and more.