5 Matters a Property Lawyer Can Assist With

Whether buying, selling or renting, navigating the world of property and its various associated laws can quickly become a complex task. Property lawyers can help individuals and investors with a wide-variety of property related issues, ranging from the buying and selling of homes through to the process of subdividing land and even the tax implications associated with owning property.

The services of a property lawyer aren’t only for those in the residential property space. If you’re the owner of a shopping centre or other commercial space, you may also request the services of a property lawyer when needed. This article will take a look at several matters a property lawyer can assist with.

Leasing of Commercial Property

For prospective business owners, a good property lawyer can make all the difference in settling the terms on a dream retail space or walking away empty handed. If you want to obtain the lease of a retail premises such as a shopping centre, an office or even a service station, property lawyers will be able to assist you with making sense of any complex terms in the lease and provide general advice on all aspects of commercial leasing.

Retirement Living Spaces

If you or an elderly relative are considering moving into a retirement living space, then a property lawyer can provide advice on any complex documents and the associated obligations with moving into a retirement village. While seemingly a simple process, getting accurate and timely legal advice could alert you to any considerations with this type of property that might not be immediately apparent.

Evicting a Tenant/Being Unfairly Evicted by Landlord

While getting your first lease as a tenant or leasing out your first property as a landlord are usually celebratory occasions, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. On the tenant side, your newly leased property can come with broken appliances or poor building conditions that weren’t discussed in the tenant agreement, and on the landlord side, tenants can seem great on paper but then go on to amass property damage bills that make you wish you had just kept your property vacant. In these situations, property lawyers exist to get to the bottom of such issues in the most efficient way possible. If you want to reach an amicable resolution as either tenant or landlord, make getting advice from a property lawyer your first priority.

Transaction of Property Titles/Property Assets

You may find yourself in a situation where a relative has left you a property or multiple properties in their will. While this may seem like a selfless gift on the surface, if you’ve never owned property before, transferring the property legally and efficiently can quickly become a headache as well as a drain on your bank account. If you’re considering leaving your loved ones a property in your will, you should seek advice from a property lawyer to help ensure the transfer of your valuable asset will go as smoothly as possible.