What Are Some Good Online Background Check Companies?

Hiring the right candidate for your company will not only give you peace of mind but also save you money and legal troubles in the long run. Fortunately, you can make a background check through online background check companies to help reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidates. Background checks usually include employment history, criminal history, education, credit report, professional reference, and previous addresses checks. Here are some of the best online live scan fingerprinting companies you can utilize.

First Advantage: Best Overall Background Check

This is the best overall online background check company because the results are quick, and they provide international background checks. In addition, the company reaches out to candidates on behave of the company in the case extra information is required. First Advantage provides services for both small businesses and international firms in over 200 countries.

In addition, most results come back in less than a day, while some results are instant. While background checks usually come back within minutes, this can be way longer depending on the country.

GoodHire: Best for Detailed Reporting

GoodHire is a great choice for people that want personalized background checks tailored to their business and hiring needs. This online background check company is accredited by the NAPBS, with many consumer reviews praising its staff and services. GoodHire provides one of the most comprehensive background checks out there.

Services offered by GoodHire include credit checks, identity verification checks, background checks, healthcare sanctions reports, and international checks perfect for both small and large business organizations in several different industries.

Infotracer: Best for Fast Searches

Infotracer offers same-day service for consumer reporting, motor vehicle records, divorce, and marriage records. The company also gives you access to other sources of information needed to create an inclusive image of the person of interest’s background. Infotracer relies on public records, which means while its services are accurate, they are limited. However, you can still find political contributions, professional certifications, financial assets, social media accounts, and other advanced background details.

Intelius: Best for Unlimited Background Checks

This background check service is a bit different compared to the others on this list. That is because Intelius is targeted towards normal people who just want some information on people and not necessarily targeted towards businesses. However, employers can still use Intelius to find information about their candidates. The online background check service allows you to search for names, addresses, and phone numbers for free. It also displays the person’s age and a couple of associated cities.

Certifix: Best Fingerprint-Based Background Check

For organizations that require a high level of clearance or trust, they need total assurance, and this is where fingerprint-based background check comes in. Certifix offers a Live Scan service, which is an inkless digital fingerprinting process that submits your fingerprint electronically to the United States Department of Justice and FBI to help you conduct critical background checks. 

Whether you need a fingerprinting service for thorough candidate background checks or you are looking to conduct fingerprint background checks in order to comply with regulations and requirements, Certifix Live Scan can help. Certifix Live Scan allows you to verify the identity and criminal history of your candidates with an exceptional identifier: a fingerprint. So, you can easily choose Certifix Live Scan when considering fingerprinting near me.


Background checks are common practice in the recruitment process. This is something that needs to be taken seriously by most organizations. Of the five online background checks reviewed above, each one fits into different organizational needs since the information provided by these companies varies depending on the organization, location, role, regulatory factors, and other needs specific to you. So, it is left to you to choose the online background check company that meets your unique needs.