Is The Single Member LLC A Solution for Me in 2021?

Though the term might seem new to many, it has still managed to catch up to the pace and, at present, is the most frequently adopted business idea. The term Single Member Business is a synonym of Single Member Limited Liability Corporations which, on the other hand, is just another kind of  form an LLC.

The term SMLLC is in itself explanatory as a form of business that has only one owner and member. In legal terms, a single-member limited liability corporation is a business organization registered in the states of America to carry out business.

Here the term Single-member which is now and then frequently used, acts as a narrative telling that business has only one or single-member and is represented as members. Like goes with LLC similarly, single-member LLC has both it’s for and against.

How to incarnate a Single-Member LLC

As goes with the law, a company is a separate legal entity though it might not be human, still exists. This is the crucial reason why many prefer a company over a proprietorship. However, the steps involved in the form an LLC are still quite lengthy and time-consuming, yet it’s best to go for it. Starting with the first step is to visit the Department of State and get a brief of the entire process right from Memorandum of Association to Article of Association, What is taxation policy and registration fees, etc. The next step in the process comes composing an operating agreement which is something similar to a certificate of an organization that one gets in a few states.

Pros of a Single-Member LLC (SMLLC)

For a business to run smoothly, it should always be taken care of. It follows the simple principle of “Major Profit Minor Loss”. And when evaluation is over, sticking with the decision determines final success.

  • Once incarnation or registration, business owner and company are both separate entities. There aren’t any strings attached to the owner to guarantee any sole profit or loss.
  • After finishing the final step now, SMLLC won’t be confused with sole proprietorship as with the LLC now they can include the business name.

Cons or SMLLC as an overlooked Entity

What surprises is apart from its major profit, how some are still affixed on minor loss. This, however, has its roots embedded in the law. According to the IRS, SMLLC would be ignored for business tax purposes, and every other tax deduction would be made from the owner according to the schedule C portion of the owner’s tax filing.

 How the taxation for single-member LLC takes place?

Though the method of the collection might differ, they are subjected to the same business taxes as any other form of LLC would.

      Federal income tax:  The rule stated that as LLC is not a taxing entity, so according to the IRS,  SMLLC would be taxed as a sole proprietorship.

  • Self-employment tax: All the single forms of businesses like SMLLC and Sole proprietorships are constituted as one and self-employed so according to the law as they are not an employee to the business they must pay the self-employment tax.


For someone who is looking ahead to add more credibility and consumer’s trust behind its business name. No doubt he should think of starting a limited liability company as this would be the better choice on any given day.