Types Of Injuries A Car Accident May Cause

Car accidents are becoming more frequent with every passing day. Drunk driving, ignoring traffic rules, and not abiding by safety protocols are some reasons why the roads of the big cities witness so many accidents. These accidents often leave the victim with serious injuries. Get in touch with one of the best Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers to claim compensation for car accident injuries. The followings are a few severe injuries a fatal car accident may cause.

Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injuries

If the car accident is fatal enough, it could leave the driver or the riders with a paralyzed body or limbs. Spinal cord injury remains the primary cause of paraplegia of any variety. Depending on the extent of damage, the level of paraplegia may vary.

Extensive backbone injuries may lead to complete paraplegia, while localized impacts may lead to partial paraplegia. All these injuries make the victim disabled for the entire lifetime. Take enough safety measures and abide by the traffic rules to keep all these devastating accident impacts at bay.

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Traumatic brain injuries can result from car accidents. If the car crash was severe enough to damage your brain, the chances of TBI increase. The brain suffers irreparable damage when something solid and hard hits the head with high momentum.

If something sharp pierces into the brain, the same damage can take place. Fatal car accidents often leave the drivers or passengers with TBI. The chance of survival in TBI depends on the extent of brain damage. The victims who survive TBI generally lead a crippled life enduring irreversible disabilities.

Back Injury

If you escape the extreme cases, the threat of a back injury still looms large. Car accidents often leave the driver or anyone inside the car with a back injury that surfaces later and stays for a lifetime. The worst part about these injuries remains their late appearance.

If an injury is indefinable, treating it in time becomes feasible. When you don’t know about the injury, you don’t do anything about it and let it worsen unknowingly. Most people suffer similarly from back injuries.

The pain appears a few days or weeks after the accident, and, by then, it becomes too late for a complete cure. Therefore, a thorough body check-up after a car accident is necessary, no matter the symptoms or visible injuries.

Internal Injury

Sometimes the injury remains invisible to the naked eyes but pains you severely. People often faint or convulse after a car accident even though the body remains scratch free. All these could e the symptoms of internal injuries. Internal organ injuries are no less fatal than external ones.

Especially for internal bleeding, immediate medical attention is a necessity. Internal bleeding, leading to blood clots often claims the life of the accident victim. Therefore, take the car accident sufferer to the nearby hospital or clinic for an initial check-up regardless of the external injuries.

 Besides these serious injuries, car accidents can cause burn injuries or fractures. Get in touch with a doctor and your lawyer to get treated and file a lawsuit respectively. If you were innocent in the accident, you should get the compensation you deserve.