Seattle Child Molestation Attorney

Who is an attorney?

An attorney or a lawyer is a legal professional member who represents clients when defending or pleading cases in a court of law. Therefore a child molestation attorney is a lawyer specializing in child molestation cases representation in court. Child molestation is a serious offense, and it attracts a very harsh penalty. Mostly, child molestation charges begin with other people who are close to the child. These people include health care workers, school personnel, counselors, child care workers, and adults residing near the molested child.

Once a child molestation case has been reported, the child protective society (CPS) can quickly initiate a proper investigation. CPS works closely with police, and they can jointly conduct an inquiry. Since the initial statement can significantly influence the case’s outcome, once contacted by the law concerning such a case, it’s always good to get a Seattle child molestation attorney. This is because the investigators are out to find the wrongdoing other than the victim’s protection.

Child molestation degrees

Child molestation is defined by law as having three degrees, and they include the following:

  • First degree; this involves improper sexual harassment with children below 12 years.
  • Second-degree; second-degree child molestation involves sexual contact of children between 12 and 14 years.
  • Third-degree; this includes sexual harassment in children between 14 and 16 years.

Steps To Take When Accused of Child Molestation

Any child molestation accusation, whether by the child or their caretaker, is a serious allegation. Such allegations mostly lead to investigations, charges and they can even lead to suspension from work. The first response to such allegations can determine the outcome of the costs. That’s why defendants need to be very careful and take the following steps:

  • Avoid making any incriminating statements

When one is questioned about child molestation by the authorities, they should avoid making any utterances without a lawyer’s presence. The first step should be contacting a lawyer.

  • Engage an attorney immediately

Any conversation between a client and attorney is protected so that one can confide in an attorney. The attorney will offer legal advice and even communicate on the client’s behalf with the involved parties.

Consequences of being accused as a child molester

  • It is possible to serve a jail term; life imprisonment is also a possibility.
  • One can be required to register as a sex offender.
  • Loss of employment.
  • The accused can lose a professional license.
  • Loss of custody.
  • Face probation for an extended period.

Duties of a child molestation attorney

The attorney should explore the following

  1. Establish if the child is lying if the child has been coached or misunderstood what happened.
  2. The attorney should establish if the child identified the accused wrongly.
  3. They should also verify if the accused has an alibi.
  4.  A lawyer should advise the accused of all their legal rights.
  5. Represent the accused in court and assist the accused in taking a plea.

Things not to do

  • Initiate any communication with the victim or the victim’s family.
  • Engage with the authorities without the presence of an attorney.
  • Provide any evidence in court without the attorney’s knowledge.