Various Cases Handled by Seattle Defense Attorneys

In several cases, people get accused of which require legal assistance to help prove their innocence. Several defence attorneys offer skilled services to their clients, enabling them to get the right legal representation in their various cases, despite their unique circumstances and nature. Marshall Defense Firm is a Seattle criminal defence law firm that defends those accused of several criminal cases within any court. With decades of excellent service, the professionals work closely with every client to ensure they get the right representation that gives them a good ruling within the courts. Some of the cases handled by the legal experts include:

Child abuse defence

The sympathy and critical nature of children’s cases make the various issues quite critical and sensitive, making it necessary for urgent professional legal representation. The different sex crimes against children include child molestation, rape, sexual misconduct with a minor and more. The Seattle criminal defence law firm professionals work closely with their clients to give them the best legal service, which prevents enables them from having quality representation service. The professional provides a straightforward approach, representing them in court, investigating and preparing their court cases dealing with licensing boards or the media. Additionally, the lawyers cooperate with other lawyers outside the firm in various ways such as consultation, association, expert testimony and more.

Sexual assault defence

Rage and disgust are some feelings that get stirred up during a sexual assault case hence the need to handle them with the deserved care. Rape accusations sometimes make an individual’s life feel like it has come to a stop and leaves them confused on the way forward. Seattle criminal defence law firm attorneys work closely with the clients to help them get through their case processes and get a result that works to protect their rights. Rape falls in several degrees depending on the nature of the rape case. Some levels include rape in the first, second and third-degree. The professionals develop a rape defence process using the same method for the different assault cases. Further evidence is presented, such as medical and other biological trace evidence and the need to defend against them effectively.

Domestic violence defence

Domestic violence applies to different offences and can be both civil and criminal, possibly getting attached to a separate charge. Regardless of how the charge gets made, the Seattle criminal defence law firm comes up with strategies to handle the allegations against their client and give them peace of mind during the court process. The nature of the charges enhances the penalties of the underlying crime, which affects the consequences of domestic violence and the life of an individual in several ways. The professionals come ready to provide clients with a rigorous and creative representation against the different kinds of charges using well-tailored approaches. Every step of the court proceedings, from the investigations to the hearing and the trial, get handled professionally and in a manner that provides the client with peace of mind.

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