Trucking Accident Misconceptions You Have To Know

Even if truck collisions are much more common than what people think, it is important to mention that there are way too many myths that exist about them. If you are injured in a truck accident or want to learn more, the best thing you can do is to talk to truck wreck attorneys. They should be your only trusted source of information, especially because laws can vary from one state to another. To make it easier to understand why this is good advice, here are some very common myths and misconceptions about trucking accidents nobody should believe.

Traffic Laws Are The Same For Passenger Vehicle Cars And Trucks

In reality, truck drivers have to follow regulations and laws that are much stricter than all the other motorists. Also, there are several federal laws that only apply to the commercial drivers. Being involved in an accident with a truck in which it does not seem like the law was broken does not necessarily mean this is the case. Always discuss the case with an attorney since there might be a law that was broken and that you do not know anything about.

You Cannot Be Compensated By Large Truck Companies

This misconception is very common because of the idea that you cannot find large corporations. It is completely correct that the large truck companies have access to many more resources than you. They have skilled attorneys hired that will fight claims for them. However, this does not mean they will always win.

Keep in mind that filing a successful injury claim is all about liability and evidence. If you did not cause the collision, it is your right to ask for compensation. And truck accident attorneys know what to do to fight the larger truck companies.

It Takes Years To Receive Compensation

You will surely go through a bureaucratic nightmare when you have to deal with large trucking companies. However, this does not mean the case will automatically take years because truck firms are involved. Just as with all other personal injury claims, with most trucking accidents, the parties settle before court. There are claims that will take years, but most will be much faster because of the advantages settlements offer.

No Attorney Is Needed Because Of The Black Box

The black box is basically the truck’s electronic data recorder. Modern trucks have them installed. They measure very important data, like seatbelt use, time driven, and average speed. This is why it is such important evidence when it comes to proving negligence. Since the black box exists, many are tempted to believe they do not need to hire a truck accident attorney. After all, there is proof of negligence.

The problem with this is that such data is not necessarily relevant evidence. In many cases, it just does not prove the case in the way you believe it does. Having an attorney in your corner means you have someone investigate everything about the accident. More evidence will be gathered and your case will be much stronger.