Factors that Determine the Value of your Compensation after a Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident and you get hurt due to the negligence of the other driver, you are justified to get compensation. The driver at fault will be liable for the damages and wounds that you incur. One thing you need to know is that getting compensation is not an easy process. There are numerous barriers you will need to break through before you get what you deserve. Even though your insurance company will agree to compensate you, there will be a conflict about how much settlement you should get. Therefore, you need to have everything prepared to ensure you get the right settlement. The following are factors that determine the value of your settlement.

  • The Severity of the Injuries

In general, the type and extent of injuries you incur from the accident will determine the value of your settlement. Cases of permanent impairment, the cost of the treatment, and the pain you suffered will be used to decide your compensation. Therefore, you need to get statements from your doctor or a medical expert and produce your medical report.

  • Income Loss

After the accident, you might not be able to go to work for a very long time or even never be able to work at all. This kind of loss has an immediate impact on the amount of compensation you will receive. You will need proof of your financial losses and the expenses you have made related to the accident.

  • Type of Attorney You Choose

The kind of lawyer you choose to represent you in this process will also affect your compensation value. Remember, the professional is there to provide direction, collect all the paperwork and evidence required to make your case stronger. The expert is also responsible for pursuing your insurer and advocating for you when the compensation is too low. Therefore, if you want to get the best settlement, you need to hire the top rated auto accident attorney in Vermont. Having an attorney is also an indication to the insurance company that you are very serious about your claim. It also means you know your rights, and the attorney will help you in the negotiation.

  • Immediate Medical Care

If you delay getting medical attention, you risk the right of getting fully compensated. This is because you will give your insurer a chance to doubt the seriousness of your injuries. The insurer might even claim that you did not get the injuries from the said accident. Your compensation can also be affected if you fail to follow the treatment plan the doctor has set for you. Therefore, make sure you get medical attention immediately and follow your doctor’s instructions.

  • The Statement You Give

Right after the accident happens, your actions and what you tell the police, the doctor, or the insurance representatives will also impact your claim. The company may look for a single and tiny fault in your statement or actions to prove you are not worth the amount you claim. So, it is advisable you speak less and let your attorney talk on your behalf.

  • Strong Proof of Fault

You must provide strong proof that the other driver was at fault. If this is not agreed on, your chances of getting a high settlement are low. Therefore, instead of getting the full value, your settlement is lowered due to a lack of enough evidence. Again, if you decide to go to court and the jury puts you at fault, you will not get the full value you claimed in the beginning.


These are the main factors that determine how much settlement you receive. It starts with the type of injuries and financial losses you incur, the kind of lawyer you hire, and how long you take to get treated. Your statements and the strength of your proof of fault also impact the value of your compensation. Therefore, when filing your claim, you must be keen on these factors.

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