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Many different companies are making many different products all over the United States, but what you may not know is that the parts they’re getting to make their products are coming from overseas. Many companies that are based in the United States are manufacturing their products in different countries. These countries don’t have the same level of oversight as the U.S. and that leads to lots of defective products that can cause you harm.

One quick look at a massive American corporation, like Johnson & Johnson, is going to show you that most of their manufacturing occurs overseas and they make every kind of product from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals. That can be a big problem when you realize they’re not being held to the same standards as U.S. manufacturing. It would be more difficult to try to find a product that isn’t produced by them and that’s going to show you just how dangerous it is.

Types of Defective Products

If you want a list of products that can be defective to the point of causing you harm, you don’t have to look hard. Flammable clothing is a common way that many people get hurt and that can include cotton, linen, acrylic, and textiles. Then there are beauty products that can contain agents like salicylic acid and potassium hydroxide.

Home appliances are a major cause for concern because they can cause any number of problems, including household fires, and heating issues, and even fill your home with dangerous gases and smoke. Furniture and mattresses can contain chemicals and materials that will quickly catch fire and spread all over your home, putting your life in danger. Even heating pads, if not manufactured correctly, can fail to turn off and cause serious burns that put you in the hospital.

Get Legal Help

If you’ve been injured by any manufactured item then you need to seek out a burn injury lawyer near me to make it right. They’re going to be able to get you the compensation you deserve to cover the medical bills that you didn’t cause.

You never know where something is being manufactured and that’s a big problem for a lot of different reasons. When you get hurt by one of these products, it can ruin your entire life. Find the legal help you need to hold the companies responsible so you can focus on healing your injuries.

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