Personal Injury

Consulting a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta: Ask these questions

When it comes to personal injury cases, proving liability and establishing fault of the other party are keys to winning. For any plaintiff dealing with the consequences of an accident, understanding personal injury law and navigating through the claims process can be overwhelming. Georgia follows the modified comparative negligence rule, and therefore, you have part blame in the accident, your compensation will be reduced accordingly. Working with one of Atlanta personal injury lawyers can help, especially for protecting your rights and interests. Before you hire an attorney, ask these important and relevant questions 

  • What do you think of my case?

Each personal injury case is unique in its own ways. Sometimes, a person may believe that they have a valid claim, but the real circumstances and evidence may say otherwise. An attorney should be able to offer a free evaluation of your case. The lawyer will give an idea of how much you can expect in compensation, the merits and demerits of your case, and whether the matter may end up in trial. 

  • How will you charge me?

Many personal injury attorneys in Atlanta work on a contingency basis. If the lawyer doesn’t win a settlement, they don’t get paid. However, this can also depend on facts of the case, so it’s wise to ask in advance. There can be other expenses related to the case, including litigation and investigation costs. Ask the lawyer if they are going to absorb these costs. Sometimes, the lawyer may pay these costs, but will adjust the same when the settlement is done. 

  • Do you have experience with trials?

A considerable number of personal injury lawsuits and claims are settled outside of court in Georgia. However, if the matter eventually ends up in trial, or negotiations with the insurance company fails, you may have to decide on other options. For handling things at the trial, a lawyer needs to have necessary experience. Check with the lawyer to know the number of personal injury cases they have handled in and outside of court.

Finally, do ask if the attorney is personally going to represent you. Many law firms have multiple personal injury lawyers working for them, and the experience of the lawyer working for you is critical for a positive outcome. Also, if you want to know the law firm or their attorneys better, you can ask for references, or check for reviews on Google.