Can I Sue for Someone Running Me Off the Road?

Dangerous situations can arise while driving when someone is trying to pass you by running you off the road. Such accidents usually create complicated matters. It can get all the more complicated if the vehicle responsible for the accident runs away. Even if the driver of the other vehicle did not make any contact with your car, you have the right to seek compensation. But, in the absence of the responsible driver it can be difficult to file for a claim. An experienced law firm like Ellis Law can provide additional information on what you would need to do to file this claim.

What are your options if you have been run off the road?

If the negligence of another driver throws you off the road, you are entitled to claim for personal injury and property damages. It is not possible to hold a driver responsible if you are unable to identify them. Thus, if in an unfortunate incident you have been in such an accident, you need to move quickly to identify the driver responsible.

You can follow the steps mentioned below, to improve your chances of recovering compensation from the driver responsible for the incident.

Stay at the Scene: It is essential to stay at the scene of the crash for several reasons. Mainly because the law requires that you stay at the scene and secondly chasing the driver responsible for the incident can be dangerous. Take photographs of your vehicle at the scene of the accident and collect contact information of any eyewitnesses present at the scene.

Call the Police: Immediately call the police to report the incident and provide details of any injuries. Provide an accurate description of the incident and let the police know that the driver responsible for the accident has fled the location.

Seek Medical Help: Do not ignore any injuries considering them minor and get medical attention as soon as possible if you have been injured.

What happens if you are unable to identify the driver?

If you have been unsuccessful in identifying the driver that caused your accident, it does not mean that you do not have any options. The liability of the accident is not defined by contact with the driver responsible. If your insurance policy covers uninsured motorist coverage then you may be entitled to file for a claim even if you are unable to prove liability. This coverage is designed to cover your losses if an uninsured motorist causes your accident.  

How can a car accident lawyer help you?

Being driven off the road can be a stressful experience and it is hard to estimate your options. It is imperative to get in touch with a car accident lawyer immediately as an experienced attorney can improve your chances of identifying the other driver to pursue compensation. An experienced attorney with strong knowledge of the law will protect your legal rights and help you determine what types of claims can be filed. Your insurance provider may avoid providing the compensation that you are entitled to, but a good car accident lawyer can prepare a strong claim that your insurance company cannot deny.