All About Working With An Employment Discrimination Lawyer In Colorado!

Discrimination at the workplace must be reported – Period! According to the state laws of Colorado, the minimum wage is $11.10 per hour, as of 2019, while the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. While discrimination is not that common, but there are cases, where a worker or employee hasn’t been paid his/her dues due to various factors. This could be also related to wrongful termination, discrimination on grounds of race or color, or even harassment. In such cases, hiring an employment discrimination lawyer becomes extremely important.

Knowing the laws

According to Colorado Fair Employment Practices Act, employees cannot discriminate against employees based on aspects like creed, color, religion, nationality, ancestry and sex. Factors like sexual preferences and disability cannot be used as a base for discrimination. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, or were treated differently, paid lesser than the norm, or have suffered because of related grounds, you can file a case. The role of an employment discrimination lawyer is to ensure that you get compensated for loss of wages and emotional trauma, as per the laws.

How to find a lawyer?

Not all firms deal with employment discrimination cases, so do your homework and select one that stands out on reviews and services. Make sure that you ask for an initial appointment in person, so that you can discuss your case better. Most employment discrimination lawyers in Grand Junction offer the first consultation for free, and based on the actual compensation, they will take a fee. This kind of arrangement ensures that more workers and employees can avail the expertise of a law firm. You can ask around for references, or contact a law firm directly to discuss your case and get a fair idea of the things to expect.

Other things to know

Your claim must be submitted to Colorado Civil Rights Division, or directly to federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In case you work for a small company that has less than 15 employees, you have to file for the case within the state. Note that this is an employment-at-will state, which means that either the employee or the company can end the contract at any time, as long as there are no violations under the Fair Employment Practices Act.

Your lawyer will help you understand all these relevant aspects and more, so that you can take an informed and prudent decision for your employment discrimination case.