According to research by WHO, around 13000 people lose their lives annually to road carnage. No driver or passenger anticipates an accident, but the sad truth is that accidents always happen. However, learning what you can do immediately after an accident helps you prevent more damage. If caught up in an accident, responding correctly can prevent the situation from worsening and help settle the insurance claim without further problems.

When an accident occurs, even the most seasoned driver gets baffled. While contacting a Dangerous Driving Lawyer is necessary to determine who is at fault, here are the things you should do immediately after the car accident.

Try to stay calm

It is usual to panic when involved in an accident. You could be angry at the fault driver, in pain, anxious, or happy that you are not critically injured. But, try to control your emotions, stay calm and wait for the police. Check if there are casualties and if there are some, call an ambulance immediately. Never leave the scene after an accident as that is considered an offense under the traffic law. Switch your engine off and put on the hazard or an accident triangle to notify oncoming vehicles of an accident ahead. Also, never admit to being on the wrong, as that exposes you to mob lynching if there are casualties.

Call the police

Call the police immediately, even if it is a minor accident. The police report is essential when making an insurance claim. That is why it is never advisable to move your car from the accident scene before the police arrive to collect evidence. When the police come, give a detailed report of the accident and if you are not sure about anything, say so. If you are not injured, say you are not sure until you undergo a medical examination. It is also advisable to be there as the other driver makes the report to ensure they are saying the right thing.

Collect evidence

Take photos of the scene, make notes if possible, and record audios. The evidence you collect will be useful when making the insurance claim and when pursuing the case further. If third parties are there, gather more information about them, such as names and contact details. Ensure you have the other driver’s contact information, insurance number, car registration, and other vital information. If you are to sue the fault driver, this information will be handy.

Seek medical attention

Even if you are okay after an accident, you should always seek medical attention. You may have sustained internal injuries such as internal bleeding or concussion that could take a couple of days to manifest. Do not ignore until it is too late to get treatment. Furthermore, you may need counseling if the accident has traumatized you.

Contact a traffic lawyer.

You need to contact a dangerous driving lawyer to avoid manipulation from the other parties involved in the accident. A traffic lawyer will help you pursue the case further and also hasten the insurance claim process. If you are injured, the lawyer will help you initiate a legal process to seek compensation from the fault party. He/she will also give you legal advice per your accident situation.