10 Top Causes of Traffic Accidents in Long Island

A car accident is a stressful situation that can cause an injury or permanent disability. Despite the technological advances in the motor industry, car accidents are still rampant. A motor accident can drastically change an individual’s life, whether a minor or major injury. With a population of about 7.8 million individuals living in Long Island, traffic congestion has worsened over the years. The high risk of traffic accidents in Long Island makes it essential to understand the causes of traffic accidents, to know what to avoid and how to handle specific situations.

  • Speeding

Speeding is among the top causes of car accidents in Long Island. It is a critical contributing factor to traffic injuries and deaths. When a driver over speeds, they have minimal time to counter dangerous situations to avoid crashing. As a result, speeding is a significant factor in fatal motor-vehicle crashes.

  • Reckless driving

Reckless driving in Long Island is nothing new in New York. Lawyers have to handle several cases of individuals driving vehicles in wanton disregard of other people or property. Reckless driving cases call for the victims to file for a civil claim to be compensated. In cases where one is seriously injured, or life is lost due to reckless driving, it is vital to consult experienced personal injury lawyers.

  • Distracted driving

When driving, it is critical to focus on the road and avoid anything distracting. Drivers usually try to multitask to kill two or three birds with one stone. Performing other activities while driving takes the driver’s attention away, and it can easily result in a motor vehicle crash.

  • Driving under the influence

Many people continue to lose their lives due to drunk-driving crashes despite the several warnings on drunk driving. Alcohol and illicit drugs affect an individual’s muscle coordination, brain functioning, and reasoning. Therefore, there is a high probability of getting into a crash while driving under the influence.

  • Object or animal in the road

Objects and animals on the road can result in collisions leading to injury or death. Long Island is known for its natural beauty, but the sheer number of wild animals is bewildering. A good number of drivers have been caught off guard, trying to avoid hitting these animals, only to end up causing a collision.

  • Mechanical errors

A vehicle failure may involve manufacturer defects or mechanical failures. Such blunders can result in head-on collisions, rollovers, or rear-end collisions. Although mechanical failure represents a smaller percentage of fatal accidents, they still contribute to accidents on the road.

  • Tailgating

Tailgating contributes to a third of accidents on the road, making it a matter of concern. Many drivers are used to riding upon each other’s tails. As a result, it makes it difficult for a driver to react before a collision.

  • Road rage

One needs to be calm on the road to make sober decisions that can avoid collisions. Individuals are under pressure trying to juggle the hassles of life, resulting in road rage and aggressive driving behavior. Such kind of behavior quickly leads to overreacting to a situation that can result in a vehicle accident.

  • Poor weather conditions

Hundreds of automobile accidents are caused by blizzard-like conditions. It makes traveling conditions almost impossible. It is usually advisable to stay off the roadway if you can since it is prone to accidents in such situations.

  • Texting while driving

People are used to texting while doing other things. When it comes to driving, texting is among the top causes of accidents due to distracted driving. A simple text message takes an individual’s eyes off the road for a few seconds, enough to cause an accident.